Thai Herbal Compress (Luk Pra Kob)

Practitioner: Frederick S. Frank

Thai herbal compress treatment

Luk Pra Kob or Thai Herbal Compress is one of the treasures of Thai culture, used in traditional medicine for over 400 years.

The Thai Herbal Compress treatment may be beneficial if you are prone to deep-seated tension in your back, neck or shoulders. It is superb for the relief of repetitive strain from long hours at the computer. It is wonderful for general body detoxification.

The treatment uses a blend of herbs which are wrapped in unbleached cotton and heated in a steamer. This hot compress is then applied to the body for the relief of muscular aches and pains, and to exfoliate and soften the skin. The spherical compress becomes a massage tool, tapping, twisting and pressing, kneading and dragging the tense muscle and connective tissue. The compresses are heated to 160º which releases the essential oils of the medicinal herbs, allowing them to penetrate the skin and enhancing the relaxation response.

In addition to relieving pain, swelling and stress, the luk pra kob creates a feeling of Sabai: bliss, ease, balance.

…It feels wonderful!

Two compresses are used in the session: one is heated in the steamer while the other is in use. For certain areas of the body, both compresses are used in tandem. A fresh, vacuum-packed set is used for each client. After your session the compresses are sealed in a plastic bag for you to take home. They can be used a few more times – just soak them and heat in a microwave or steamer. Apply them to any areas of discomfort with rolling and pressing movements.

It is recommended not to shower for 3 – 4 hours after the treatment in order to maximize the benefits of the herbal compounds.

Luk Pra Kob is not recommended if you are sensitive to heat, if your skin is very sensitive, if you have many plant allergies, recent wounds, high blood pressure, varicose veins or non-controlled diabetes. Please wait 48 hours after body hair removal before a treatment.

45 minute treatment: $100

Luk Pra Kob ingredients include:

  • Plai – a type of ginger known for its anti-inflammatory effects on muscle and joint pain.
  • Turmeric – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
  • Lemongrass – fragrant, heals sprains, bruises and sore muscles, anti-fungal
  • Kaffir Lime – relieves congestion, skin toning, astringent, wonderful fragrance
  • Camphor – supports respiratory health, anti-anxiety, analgesic, antiseptic
  • Sweet Sage – soothes joint pain
  • Tamarind – astringent, cleanses, heals and purifies the skin

The herbal ingredients in the luk pra kob follow traditional recipes of the Wat Po temple in Bangkok. The Thai Ministry of Agriculture maintains strict quality control over farming, kiln drying, specific ratio of composition, manufacturing, sanitization, vacuum packing and shipping.

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