woman having energy therapy treatment

Bioenergy Therapies

Practitioner: Frederick S. Frank

I practice many ways of working with the fields, streams and centers of vital force which lie within and surround us. Techniques include light-touch and non-touch methods.
An initial scan will enable me to locate areas of energetic depletion or excess. The inner layer of your aura, the etheric field, will be gently cleared with light, sweeping movements.

I use breathwork, sound and various electronic devices to recharge areas of depletion and disperse energetic congestion. Chakras are encouraged toward balance with varied technique, including the applied sounds of tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls. Please allow for at least an hour of quiet time and space for yourself, following your session.

Special Offer: $80 (Save $45),  Bioptron Light Therapy $25 for 20 minutes, PEMF Therapy $25 for 30 minutes, Infratonic Therapy $25 for 30 minutes

Bioenergy Therapy: Eastern European Systems

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The Domancic Method of Bioenergy therapy utilizes a series of simple protocols to clear, balance and amplify the etheric field and support the recovery of many health conditions.I also offer Polish healer Mietek Wirkus’ system of Bioenergy therapy, which works with multiple layers of the auric field and includes chakra balancing.

Both systems are non-touch methods administered in standing and seated positions.I have completed basic and advanced studies with Mietek and Margaret Wirkus.

I have studied with Zoran Hochstatter, the only certified Domancic Method instructor in the USA.

Bioptron Light Therapy

Bioptron light therapy

The Bioptron Light is an innovative Swiss medical device used in 1,000 clinics and proven safe for home use. The optical unit emits polarized, polychromatic light, without ultraviolet.

The gentle, low energy beam induces cell regeneration and repair, with many benefits for the physical and energetic aspects of health. Bioptron can relieve or diminish pain, reduce swelling, and improve the complexion. The Bioptron spectrum promotes bio-stimulation, releasing the body’s own potential for healing.

I offer color therapy for photomodulation of the energy system, using bioinformed glass filters from Switzerland.

Medithera Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

reclining woman receiving Medithera electromagnetic field therapy

Medithera is a state of the art health enhancement device, backed by 25 years of German research. A gentle, multi-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field recharges every cell, providing a clinically proven boost to the healing processes of the body. As you recline on the Medithera mat, individually designed waveforms permeate and restore all body systems, creating optimal support for health maintenance, sports performance, and recovery from illness.

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Improves respiration
  • Increases bone density
  • Improves vitamin and mineral absorption

A Medithera session may be combined with any other modality, or experienced as a stand alone treatment.

Infratonic Therapy

Infratonic device

This low frequency treatment is based on Chinese research of the healing energy emitted from the palms of Qigong masters. Multiple randomized waveforms support injury healing, assist with pain management and induce deep relaxation.


Ancient knowledge and current science confirm the multidimensional reality of the complex and ever changing field of electromagnetic forces which surround and animate human beings.

The many layers of the aura, the system of energy transducers known as chakras, and the meridians and points of energy flow are believed to govern our very existence, and provide a blueprint of our past, present and future health.

Sensitive interaction with the bioenergy field may be of great benefit to those seeking improvement in their physical, mental and spiritual health.