Integrative Facial Rejuvenation

Practitioner: Frederick S. Frank

rejuvenating facial massageA new, holistic approach to age management

Integrative Facial Rejuvenation® is a unique system which addresses many aspects of your being:

  • The subtle energy fields which surround the head
  • The nadis, Ayurvedic energy channels, and the marma points
  • The core membranes and cerebrospinal fluid of the craniosacral system
  • The nodes and vessels of the lymphatic system
  • The connective tissue web of the fascial system
  • Over 50 muscles of the face, scalp and neck

It is through the careful balancing and clearing of these six levels, working inward from the subtle to the gross, that IFR® produces such dramatic results.

An hour of profound relaxation—visible results in 30 minutes!

During your IFR® session you recline fully-clothed on a comfortable table. There are eight stages to the IFR treatment protocol. We finish with soothing lymph drainage with a Chinese jade roller.

One side of your face will be fully treated for 30 minutes, then you will stand and compare it with the untreated side in the mirror. (This is only done at the initial visit).

You can expect to see a dramatic improvement in the treated side:

  • Significantly diminished wrinkles, both fine lines and deep furrows
  • Reductions in under-eye bags and dark circles
  • Improved skin tone and color
  • General lifting of the facial tissues
  • A radiant glow that last for days!

We then treat the other side and conclude with integration techniques. This may be the most relaxing 75 minutes you have ever experienced.

diminished wrinkles - improved skin toneEight weeks to a New You!

You will certainly be pleased with the marked improvement and deep relaxation provided by a single session of Integrative Facial Rejuvenation.

To realize the full benefits of the IFR® protocol it is recommended that you receive a weekly session for 8 weeks. A monthly session is usually sufficient to maintain results.

Before your session: please drink plenty of water and wear loose comfortable clothing. Please arrive without makeup if possible.

During your session: allow yourself to breathe slowly and deeply…notice any sensations of energy flow or release of muscle tension. Although we are working primarily with the face, you will experience a deep sense of whole-body relaxation and well-being. It is absolutely fine if you fall asleep.

After your session: schedule some quiet time if possible. Reflex effects of IFR may continue for up to 48 hours. Please take note of your appearance over the course of the following week.